Unapplied Payments by Customer

EZFacility's Unapplied Payments by Customer report can be a helpful tool. This report is designed to show you each client's liability. It can help identify areas where payments need to be applied to open invoices or refunded to the client if necessary. To avoid unapplied payments, allocate them to outstanding invoices to ensure accurate records and timely payments.

To access the unapplied payments by customer report, go to Reports > Select 'Financial' > Select 'View' on the right side of the page next to the unapplied payments by customer description.

Generated Reports

Unapplied Payments are the total amount of each client's payments that has neither been applied to invoices nor refunded. This can be considered their money "on account".

Unpaid Invoices are the total amount remaining to be paid on all of the client's invoices, regardless of invoice date or payment schedules.

Liability is the Unapplied Payments less the Unpaid Invoices; thus, it is the overall amount that the client has overpaid (if positive) or underpaid (if negative).

All financial reports can be exported out of EZFacility by selecting the disc icon. We recommend exporting the information into a CSV file to best sort or edit the data.

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