In this article, we will walk through the process of creating a $0 rental, as well as review some best practices when using this functionality.

A Rental in EZFacility can be used for clients to reserve a resource at an EZFacility location. Creating a $0 rental would allow a user to book the space for free, or you can tie the rental type to require a paid-to-date membership to use the $0 rental type.

To begin the process of creating a $0 rental type, you will first want to create a 'Rental Rate'. Select 'Administration' on the left menu.

Select 'Location Settings'.

Select 'Rental Rates'.

Once on the 'Rental Rates' page, select 'Add Rate' on the upper right side of the page. After, you will be able to complete the setup for the Rental Rate.

  1. Enter a Label describing the rate option and any additional description information. This describes what the rental rate will apply to and is used when billing a rental reservation.
  2. Set the rate to charge the client - here is where you would want to enter '0' for a $0 rental.
  3. The remaining settings are not when creating a $0 rental. However, if you want to learn more about them, please visit our 'How to Set Up Rental Rates' guide.
  4. Click 'Add Template' to complete the creation of the rental rate.

After creating the Rental Rate, you will want to create a Rental Type.

Creating a Rental Type

To create a Rental Type, you will select 'Rental Types' under 'Location Settings'.

Once on the 'Rental Types' page select 'Add Type' on the upper right side of the page. After, you will be able to complete the setup for the Rental Type.

Use the following options to create a new Rental Type:

  1. Rental Type sets the name that will appear for this Rental Type
  2. Revenue Categories sets the default Revenue Category for rentals of this type
  3. Color: Choose a custom color for the rental type.

Press add to save your Rental type.

Putting it all together!

Staying on the Rental Types page, you will want to select the 'Cog' icon on the right side of your Rental Type.

Upon clicking on the 'Cog' icon, you can update the settings for this specific Rental Type.

Available for Self-Booking: Did you want clients to be able to book the rental type through Self-Service if there is space?

Allowed Venues: Which resources can be booked using this Rental Type?

Rental Rate: What is the Rental Rate attached to this type? You will choose the created $0 rental from the drop-down.

Rental Cutoff Times: How close to the rental start time can the client rent? What is the least and most time the client can rent this resource at one time?

Default Requirements: Does the client need an active and paid-to-date membership to use this rental type?


This setting is significant when using the $0 rental feature. If you create a $0 rental type and do not select this option, then anyone with access to your self-service account will rent the associated resource for free. If you select this setting, any client with any paid-to-date membership will be able to rent the associated resource for free. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact our support team by selecting 'Submit a request' in our Help Center!

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