How to Invite Your Clients to Use Self-Service

This article will show you how to invite your existing clients to use self-service. This article will also show you how to allow new clients to register for a self-service profile.

Existing Clients

Select Clients

Inviting a Group of Clients to Register for Self-Service

Members can be invited to your self-service portal from the Client tab. Select the check box in the green border to invite all clients in the visible list, or select specific clients to receive the invitation. Select Invite for Self-Service from the For Checked dropdown menu. Each client must have an email address entered in EZFacility to receive the invitation.

The client can either click on the Accept Invitation button, or copy and paste the included link to accept the invitation.

Clients can also be invited individually.  Locate the self-service settings on the client profile page.  Check the Enabled box to send an invite for this specific client.

You will see a confirmation that the invitation was sent.

New Client Registration

Clients who are new to your business can easily set up their self-service profiles. They will immediately be clients in your EZFacility account where you can manage their accounts.

Select Administration then select Self-Service from the left navigation sidebar. Check the box to Allow public registrations.

The new customer will select Register when they visit your self-service site to set up their profile.

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