Online Webinar - Introducing Self Check-In & Advanced Multi-Scheduling

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With the launch of Self Check-In, your clients will now be able to easily check themselves into your facility or book into a reservation. Additionally, when a client checks themselves in, attendance tracking will occur automatically - streamlining your front desk process and minimizing lines!

A few of the highlights of Self Check-In:

  • Express check-in functionality
    • Clients can quickly check themselves in by using their name, membership number, or both when visiting your facility
  • Auto-book a client into the next available reservation for added convenience
  • Auto-attendance tracking for clients booked into a reservation means one less step for your staff
  • Avoid long lines to improve the client experience and keep them coming back
  • Increase staff efficiency
    • With Self Check-In your staff will have the ability to collect payment from an overdue client, re-sell expired memberships, and more eliminating admin work from piling up

The release of the Advanced Multi-Scheduling functionality will now allow you to assign one or more venues to each of your trainers’ reservations. Each venue assigned will then be automatically linked to the trainers' reservation and listed as "Unavailable" – preventing any double booking.

Keep in mind the existing Multi-Scheduling mode will be disabled while this feature is enabled.

For more information on these features or the release in general, please visit our Support Center or reach out to our Support Team.

A few of the highlights of Advanced Multi Scheduling:

  • Easily assign venues to your trainers to show where their training is taking place and keep everyone on the same page
  • No more manual bookings to block out areas for your trainers. Which will reduce the amount of time it takes to create the schedule
  • Drag and Drop functionality will allow you to move the whole set of reservations
    • E.g. If you schedule a yoga class with an instructor at 1:00 PM in yoga studio #1 then decide to move the instructor's yoga class to 2:00 PM, it will automatically move the unavailable time slot for yoga studio #1 as well
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