Generate a report on the number of clients whom returned from one time period to another. With this report you will be asked to enter 2 date ranges.  The earlier date range is known as Period 1 and the later date range is known as Period 2.  The report will list all of your trainers and how many different clients had 1 or more scheduled sessions with that trainer during each period.  The report will also indicate the percentage of customers whom had sessions during period 1 as well as period 2.


Click on the Reports Link

Client Retention Report

Click on Client Retention Report

Note: Use the Navigation Sidebar to quickly navigate to other Reports without having to return to the main Reports page.

Generate Report

Generate Report

1. Select the Earlier Time Period.

2. Select the Later Time Period.

3. Please select the desired reservation type: Allows you to choose a specific reservation type to report on.

4. Include complimentary sessions? Choose "Yes" or "No". (No will be selected by default)

5. Click on Generate Report.

Generated Report

Generated Report

* Click the Show clients link for more information.

Note: You can export this report by selecting a format and clicking export.

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