Setting Up Your Assessment Categories

This lesson will show you up to set up a client assessment to track and report on the historical values for clients for each assessment.


Click on Administration.

Assessments Categories

Click on Assessments Categories

Create an Assessment Category

Type in the name of your category and click Add Category.

Adding Fields and Editing the Category

1. You can use the pencil icon to edit the title of your category or the red X to delete the category.

2. Click on the category title to add fields to that specific category OR click on the Fields tab.

Adding Fields

1. Type in your field name.

2. Set the number of decimal places you wish to record your values for.

3. Set the Category that this field belongs to from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Add Field.

**Trainer Tip: Repeat the process until you have added all of the desired fields

Note: You can use the Pencil icon to edit or the red X to delete any of your field entries

Clients Detail page for Assessments

1. With your entries complete, you can click on the Assessment tab for the client and enter the values for the assessment.

2. Set the Date and Times that the assessment was completed.

3. Click on Add Assessment Values.

** Trainer Tip: Repeat the process any-time you have a new assessment to enter.

Completed Assessment Entry

1. View the last set of entries entered into the assessment.

2. Click on History to view a record of all assessments entered and click on Report to generate a report of those entries to print out.

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