Submitting a Client Data Import in EZFacility Classic

This lesson will show you how to submit your client data import template.

Download Client Data Import Template

Choose the type of import necessary and download the client data import template.

 Please do not rename the Columns within the template.

• Date of birth must be supplied in MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY format.

• Do not add any additional columns. If a column that you would like us to import is missing from the template, please call our support team for instructions. [Support: (877) 358-7774]

• Please send your completed import template to our support team by submitting a trouble ticket with the completed file attached to the ticket. 


Click on the Help/Support Link


Submit Trouble Ticket

Click on Request Support


Trouble Ticket Details

Fill in all required fields.



Note: Ticket Type should be selected as Import

Click on Submit.

Attach a File


1. Fill out the required fields.

2. Click Browse to upload your client data import.

3. Click on Begin file upload.


End Results

End Results

Your files have been received


Disclaimer - You're entitled to submit an initial import with your EZFacility account free of charge. Any additional imports will be subject to a fee and to get more information please contact your EZFacility account manager.

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