January 17th, 2024 - Release Notes

In today’s release, EZFacility Version 53.0 delivers design and style updates to streamline the user experience, as well as bug fixes based on feedback from you and other users.   

Design & Style Updates

In this release, we gave Tool Tips, Grid Text, and Form elements a fresh style to match the design of the New EZFacility Experience, making it even simpler to view and select the data and options you need.  

Bug Fixes

Disabled clients appearing in the Register Client search box – When searching for clients to register for a reservation session, only the active clients will be shown in the search results. 

Cannot Take Payments for an open invoice in Groups tab in the new EZFacility user interface – For open invoices in Groups, you can now take a payment via the Pay Now option.  

EZleagues - Users with Admin role access can modify SuperUser and add other users – Permissions for Admin role access have been corrected. Admins can no longer create or edit other users.   

EZLeagues - Site options color validation fails – To eliminate validation errors, users must now open the color component to select the color or manually type in the color number. Invalid color numbers can no longer be entered manually.  

The registration link in the Groups tab is grayed out and cannot be copied – The registration link for Groups Online Registration can now be copied. 

Trainer reports access restrictions – When Trainers access the following reports, they can only generate the report for themselves and their data (i.e.; trainers cannot generate reports on other users’ data).  

  • Trainer Performance 

  • Trainer Schedule 

  • Session Notes 

  • Trainer/Payroll Commission  

Disabled clients appear in the Self Check-In window – Disabled clients no longer appear in the self check-in window. 

Grammatical errors on the Self-Service Design page – The grammatical errors have been corrected. 

Package plan cannot be accessed on the Package Plans page – The list of package plans has been adjusted to ensure all package plans can be seen and accessed. 

Client filters display inaccurate info – When filtering on the client grid, the appropriate results are displayed based on the filter(s) selected.   

HSBC Card Transaction EZPayments Error – A 3DSCardStreamLogs table has been added to the database to capture more information to assist with determining what is causing errors. 

Failed payment email after EMV transaction – Clover processor has been updated to not send a failed payment email to the client when a time out or network issue occurs. 

Emails cannot be searched by entering a part of an email address – User can enter partial email addresses when searching for clients. 

Email client feature in Classic mode giving error message – When a saved template has been selected when sending an email from the clients’ profile, the subject is now maintained. 

Clients receiving errors when registering through Online Registration – When creating a document template, the acceptance section has a limit of 1,000 characters. Users will no longer be able to exceed this limitation. 

Packages added to membership did not appear as active until the next day– A membership sold with a package(s) as an add-on now appears as active in the client profileon the same day it is sold.  

Support and Feedback

Have questions or feedback on this release? Please contact our support team. 

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