How to Assist Clients who Cannot Log into Self-Service

This article will review a few steps to assist your clients if they need help logging into your Self-Service page.

First, you will want to ensure that the client has a valid email on their profile and that they have created an account within your self-service page.

To confirm this information, you will go to the client's profile.

Once on the client's profile, under the 'Profile Information' section, you will see if the client has an active Self-Service account. The client does not have an active Self-Service account in the example below.

The Self-Service invitation checkbox will be disabled until a valid email address has been added to the client's profile.

  • If you add the client's email address to their profile, once the email has been saved, the client will receive an email verifying this email address with the location. An administrator of the location can also manually verify the email if needed.


After an email has been added and verified on the profile, the checkbox can be selected, and an invitation will be sent to the client to create their Self-Service account.

The client will receive an email where they will choose to accept the invitation, allowing them to create a username and password. Once they have created their unique username and password, they will be taken to your location's Self-Service page.

Returning to the client's profile, you will see their Self-Service username.

If a client cannot log into your location's self-service account, please check their profile to see if they have a Self-Service user name. If they do, ask the client to go to your account's Self-Service page and select 'Having Trouble?'.


Once they select 'Having Trouble?' they can enter their Self-Service user name and their email to send a password reset email. Once the client resets their password, they will go to your Self-Service page.

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