Clover Terminal Set Up (UK Clients Only)

Once your account has been approved by Clover, and you have received your terminals, you can complete the following steps to integrate with your EZFacility account.

  • Login to EZUI and go to “Location Settings” > “Clover Authentication” page. The page is only visible if:
    • Location has “Clover EMV” set up (Completed by EZFacility)
    • User has “Account Administration” permission
  • Click on “Connect” button.

  • You will get redirected to Clover dashboard and you’ll need to log in to your clover account (using credential provided by clover)
  • After successful login to the portal, you will need to select the merchant (if you have only one merchant, this step will be skipped)
  • The OAuth process will take place on behind the scenes
  • Clover portal will redirect you back to “Clover Authentication” page in EZUI.
  • If the OAuth process was successful, you will see a message as this: “OAuth token has been successfully obtained.”
  • Now you have “Merchant ID” and “API Token” all populated as the result of OAuth process.
  • You will need to set up your EMV terminals and then you can start processing terminal transactions.

The final steps to set up through Clover

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