Enable the Smartwaiver and EZFacility Integration in EZFacility

This guide will demonstrate how to enable and configure the Smartwaiver in EZFacility.

Please Note:

  • To begin using the integration a Smartwaiver account must have already been created.  You will not see the Smartwaiver option in you EZFacility account until then.

Begin Automatically Syncing Smartwaivers to your EZFacility Account

Select Administration:

Select 'Location Settings', followed by 'Smartwaiver' from the left side menu.

Complete the required information:

  1. Enter a Smartwaiver API Key -- to obtain your facility's key, please visit:  https://app.smartwaiver.com/user/api/api-keys 
  2. If not currently logged into your Smartwaiver account-- please do so now.
    • Generate a key-- please be sure to copy the key prior to exiting the page, as it will no longer be visible.
  3. Select Activate to begin the synchronization process.


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