Clients will need to have access to your self-service portal to register for your event. This article will demonstrate how you can confirm that a client has access to your self-service portal. This article will also show you how you can re-send the self-service invitation if the client does not have access.

To see if the client has access to the Self-Service portal you will want to their client profile. You will first select 'Clients' on the left menu:

Once on the client list, search for the client you would like to review, or if they already appear on the list, select their first or last name to move to the client profile.

At the bottom of the 'Profile Information' section of the client profile, you will find the Self-Service information for the client. If the checkbox next to 'Enabled' is not selected, then the client does not have access to self-service.

To provide the client with access to Self-Service, you will need to be sure the client has an email on file. If the client has an email added to their client profile, you will be able to select the 'Enable' checkbox. When you select the enable checkbox, you will see a 'Success' message appear.

After the checkbox is selected, the user will receive an email to complete the Self-Service Registration. On the Client's profile, you will be able to see when the invite was sent to the client.

When the client selects the invitation link in their email, they will be asked to create a username and password.

After the client completes the self-service registration, they will have access to the self-service portal. On the client's profile, you will be able able to see their self-service username, and there will be a button where an administrator can reset the user's password.

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