Updating your EZFacility User in Brivo Access

When moving from Brivo OnAir to Brivo Access, you will need to update your existing EZFacility Brivo User to avoid service interruption.

To update your EZFacility user in Brivo Access, please follow these steps:

First, you will want to Log Into the Brivo Access page and Log In.

After logging in, select 'Administration,' and Select 'View' on the existing EZFacility user account. If you do not see an EZFacility user listed, please contact our support team at 516-336-6500.

When viewing the EZFacility user information, be sure to update the following:

  • First Name: EZFacility
  • Last Name: Support
  • Email Address: support@ezfacility.com

After saving the changes in the user profile, our team will receive an email where we will be able to reset the user password. Once our team can update the password on file, the integration between EZFacility and Brivo will work as expected.

For general questions about the change from OnAir to Access, please contact Brivo at 866-274-8648. If you have any questions regarding this specific process or general EZFacility questions, our support team can be reached by calling 516-336-6500, Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00 pm ET.

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