This guide will show you how to Freeze a Membership Contract.

Freezing a membership for a client can be a helpful option for those who need to put their membership on hold for a time. Whether the member is dealing with an injury, a busy work schedule, or simply need a break from their routine, freezing a client's membership can allow them to take a temporary hiatus without losing the progress they have made. By freezing a client's membership, you can stop all billing from occurring while reserving their place at the gym for when they are ready to return. In this instructional article, we will guide you through freezing membership for a client.

Selecting a Client

Search for the client you want to freeze and click on name.

Editing Contract

Once on the client's profile:

  1. Click on Membership tab.
  2. The Membership tab will display all active memberships by default.
  3. Click on the Edit Pencil for the Membership Contract.

Adding a Freeze

Click on Add a Freeze.

Freeze Options

  1. Add a date for the First day of the freeze.
  2. Add an end date for the Last day of freeze (optional). This is optional and can be set at any time in the future.
    • The membership for the client will automatically resume the day after the set end date.
  3. Add Remarks about the freeze for tracking purposes. This is optional unless set as a requirement.
  4. Click on Freeze.

Contract History

If a freeze end date has been added, it will be visible. If no freeze end date has been added, there will be a Set link to add an end date.

**Trainer Tip: The Frozen Membership will be visible in the check-in window when the client checks in and on the client's page after searching the client.

Finding a Frozen Contract

Once the freeze has been added to a contract, it will no longer appear in the membership contracts section of the client profile by default.

To view a frozen contract:

  1. Select the 'Membership' Tab.
  2. Select the 'Filter' option.
  3. Update the view from 'Active' to 'Frozen'
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