How to connect your QuickBooks Online account with EZFacility

This guide will demonstrate how to connect your Quickbooks Online ("QBO") account with your EZFacility account.

Please note: The Quickbooks Online Integration is only available for US Clients. We recommend syncing to a brand new Quickbooks Online account to avoid duplicate clients being created when syncing from EZFacility to your Quickbooks account.

You can begin the Quickbooks Online integration by selecting 'Administration', 'Location Settings', followed by 'QBO'

Once in the Quickbooks Online page, you will select 'Authorize' which will then re-direct you to the Quickbooks Online log in page.

After signing into your Quickbooks Online account, your account will be authorized. On the Quickbooks Online page in EZFacility, you can choose to have EZFacility automatically sync your data to your Quickbooks Online account.

Important Quickbooks Online and EZFacility Settings

Before syncing your EZFacility data into your Quickbooks account, there are a few settings you will want to enable in both platforms. In your Quickbooks Online account, enable the "Class Tracking" permission and disable the "Show Items table on expense and purchase forms" and "Use purchase orders" permissions in your Quickbooks online account. You will see images below of where these settings live below.

There is an additional setting that should be enabled to successfully sync your Quickbooks Online data. This setting is located in 'Account and Settings' section under the 'Advanced' tab, in the "Categories" section. When in edit mode (the value does not show when in view-only mode), click on the pencil icon on the right of the page, under the 'Track Classes' setting. There will be a dropdown that should be set to 'one to each row in transaction'.

If you do not see the 'Categories' section, you my need to manually enable it. This can be done by going to Sales, Product and Services, Select the 'More' option, Manage Categories.

In EZFacility, you must create and assign Quickbooks Online Classes to your EZFacility Revenue Categories. To do this you will go to Administration, Billing, Revenue Categories, Select the Revenue Category. Once you select the revenue category, you will see a field below the 'Quickbooks Online Class' section. Here you will want to add your 'Quickbooks Online Class' and select 'Add Quickbooks Class'.

After the class has been created, you will select the class and choose 'Update Category'. You will repeat this process for all relevant reservation categories.

Please note: The EZFacility/QBO sync is a one-way sync. If there was a scenario where a client was originally synced from EZFacility to your Quickbooks account and if you manually created any transactions in Quickbooks, when the sync occurs EZFacility will not recognize that transaction. It will simply take all the financial data from the client's profile in EZFacility and sync it to the related account in your Quickbooks Online Account. If you manually create any data in Quickbooks Online it will not sync to EZFacility.

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