Merchant Processor Information

All of the information needed in order to apply your merchant account to your EZFacility account can be found below. is a level 1 PCI Certified Service provider. You can find us under '' on the Global Registry of PCI DSS Validated Service providers at Visa Global Registry of Service Providers | Visa .

Integrated Merchant Options:

For USA/Canadian based clients, our system has native support for the following merchant processors:


Available through our in-house solution, EZPayments, or one of our trusted partners.

  1. Allows Credit Card transactions directly through EZFacility.  (Will appear as Credit Card (Processed) when taking a payment in-house)
  2. Allows Refunds through EZFacility. 
  3. Allows ACH/Direct Debit (Speak with your EZPayments Representative to add this functionality).
  4.  PCI compliance and data breach protection
  1. Mac or PC compatibility (must be Windows 10 and up. 
  2. Allows Credit Card transactions directly through EZFacility.  (Will appear as Credit Card (Processed) when taking a payment in-house)
  3. Allows Refunds through EZFacility. 
  4. Allows ACH/Direct Debit (Speak with your Constellation Payments Representative to add this functionality). 
  5. EMV Terminal Functionality (Will appear as Credit Card (EMV Terminal)). The EZFacility support team can assist in the setup of your Terminal. 

External Merchant Options: is a gateway company that must be used to have a merchant that is not listed above connect to EZFacility.

  1. is an eCommerce business that handles the complex mechanics of processing transactions and moving money safely from customers’ bank accounts into yours.  
  2. You will have to talk to directly to set up an account with them, linking their gateway and your chosen merchant. 
  3. A merchant is a type of account that allows your business to accept payments by credit cards. EZFacility is not a merchant company. 
  4. will give you an API login and a transaction key once you are set up with them. You will supply that info to EZFacility. Once EZFacility has that info, we will link your account to your EZFacility account, and you will then be able to take credit cards within the software. 
    1. Once the transaction key is used by EZFacility to link, the transaction key is changed by, and EZFacility cannot access your portal to view any processed transactions, so must handle any transaction errors. 
  5. works with both PC and Mac computers. 
  6. With, you cannot use an EMV terminal, process refunds, or take ACH payments directly through the EZFacility software. 
  7. You can process refunds through the portal. EZFacility will not have access to this portal. 
  8. To use with EZFacility, there would be an additional $75 fee added to your monthly subscription cost. 

**If you would like to begin either merchant process contact your EZFacility Trainer or Sales Manager.**

Please be aware that changing your merchant processor after is possible, but the transfer process is lengthy. Please refer to this article before changing your merchant processor.

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