How to Remove or Add a Client using Waitlist (New Experience)

This guide will demonstrate how to use the waitlist to add clients, remove clients from waitlist and then set them to enrolled.

Select Groups then select the desired Group. Use the pencil to open the Group.

***Trainer Tip - Waitlist is a default setting. You can modify the default when setting up any new Group or if editing a previously created Group.

Adding a Client to the Waitlist

Scroll down to locate the list of Group Members

Select the client to add to the waitlist. Choose Set as Waitlisted from the Select Action Menu. Apply.

Client is now on the waitlist.

***Trainer Note: Waitlisted clients are in italics.

Setting a Waitlisted Client as Enrolled

Select the waitlisted client to  be set as Enrolled. Select Apply

Select Bill Now to complete the enrollment.

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