How to Set Up Online Registration for a Group (New Experience)

This guide will demonstrate how to create an online registration page for your Group. The direct link can be added to a web site or shared via email or social media. Groups can also be published to the Self-Service portal.

Once the Group details are added, select the Online Registration tab.

***Trainer Tip - Most of the fields on this page are set as your default settings which can be set in Administration in the Online Registration tab. When creating the registration page for a specific group, you can bypass the default settings if desired.

  1. You can add an Open and/or Close Date for the registration, if desired. If no Open date is added, registration will begin immediately.
  2. Set the recipient for Notification emails, or use the default setting.
  3. Set the fee. There are 3 fee types: Individual, With a Choice or the New Team Fee.  The "With a Choice" fee allows the registrant to select between the created subgroups.  By default, each subgroup is a team. you can label the subgroups as another type of subgroup on the main Group tab. In this example, the subgroups are sessions.

Adding a Fee

Select Add, then select the desired Fee type. In this example, With a Session is chosen to generate a drop-down menu to allow registrants to select the session of their choice.

Edit the description and add the fee. You can require payment in full or require a deposit to secure registration. You can also set up a specific payment schedule and set all remaining payments to Auto-pay.  Once the fee is added, online registration is automatically enabled.

***Trainer Tip - If you edit the fee once it is saved, you will have to re-check the box for Enable Online Registration.

Auto-pay settings can be set as default settings.

Use the Online Description field to entire details for the registration. Once saved, the Registration link is now ready for use.

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