How to Register a Client into a Group or a Sub-group (New Experience)

This guide will demonstrate how to manually register a client into a Group or a Subgroup.

Select Administration, then select Location Settings and Program Fees to create the fees.

Add the fee details, including a description that matches or identifies the Group.

Register a Client into a Group

Select the Group, click on the pencil icon to open and select Register Member.

Search for an existing client or add a new client.

Select the Program Fee then choose Next to advance to the Review Tab

Review the final details, then accept payment or select pay later to send an invoice to the client.

Register a Client into a Subgroup

Clients can be registered directly into subgroups. Select the Group, then choose the subgroup from the Related Groups section at the bottom. Click on the pencil icon to choose the desired subgroup for registration.

Select Register Member to complete the registration within the selected subgroup.

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