This guide will demonstrate how to create a Subgroup within a Group. Subgroups can be used to create teams, divisions, sessions or any other choice option available within a Group. Subgroups can be added to Groups that have already been created or during Group setup.

To Add a Subgroup to an Existing Group, select the Group, then select the pencil icon to open and edit the Group.

Select Add Subgroup.

Optional - Select the Copy from parent group

Using this option will copy some important details from the parent group, including Revenue Category, Maximum individuals and price.

Trainer Tip - Selecting the copy from parent group option will also copy the parent group name. You will want to edit that title to identify the various subgroup options, or delete the name and add a new one. In the example below, "Session 1" has been added.

Select Save & Close to continue adding subgroups or working within the parent group. Select Save & Continue to work within the created subgroup.

***Trainer Tip - If this option is selected, the Revenue Category will populate from the parent group. If you would like the Revenue Category to always auto-populate in all subgroups created, view the default settings in Administration. This tab is called Online Registration. (You will find all default settings for Groups in this tab.) If you opt to select this option as a default, the Revenue Category will auto-populate, whether or not, you have selected Copy from parent group.

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