This guide will demonstrate how to use Documents to create waivers for memberships. You can link create multiple waivers, link them to specific membership plans, capture member acceptance on self-service and review the waiver in the member profile.

Select Administration, Documents then Document Templates.

Select Create a new document template.

Use Documents to create your required waivers.

***Trainer Tip: Combine multiple waivers, such as COVID, social media permissions and liability release into one Document.

To add a Document to a Membership, Select Administration, Memberships then Plans

Select the membership plan to edit.

Select the pencil to edit the plan and choose the default document.

Select Sell Online then Save & Close

***Trainer Tip: A document can also be added to a membership, when the membership is initially created.

The Client's View on Self-Service - Accepting the Waiver

The Client will have to accept the Document to complete the membership purchase.

The member can accept the waiver, complete the transaction, and the newly signed waiver will be visible in the client's Document tab in their client profile. This documents tab and can be found by Selecting Clients, Search for the client's name,  select the client name, select Documents in their client profile. 

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