How to Use the Employee Time Clock in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate set up, use and reporting for the employee Time Clock.


Select Administration, then select User Administration.


Select New User. Each staff member who uses the time clock will need their own login.

Fill the required fields which are: Role, First Name, Last Name, Email, Username and Password.

***Trainer Tip - Use Roles to set up staff logins. Assigning roles to specific users will assure that each staff member has the correct level of access when logging in to work.

Set Hourly Rates for Staff

Hourly rates must be set for each staff member.

***Trainer Tip - A staff member can be paid at different rates for different jobs. For example, if the staff member works at the front desk and as a trainer, set the correct pay rate for each job. The user would select the specific role when logging in.

Setting an IP Address Restriction

If desired, you can control which computer(s) are used for the Time Clock.  Select IP Address Restriction to add the location of the specific computer to be used for the Time Clock.  The IP Address, which is a unique, identifier for a computer on a network, will automatically populate in the empty field.  To prevent staff logins from other locations, uncheck the Allow access from any IP Address box.

If multiple computers are approved for Time Clock use, add the IP Address for each computer.  ***If computers are no longer to be used, remove the IP Address by selecting the X.

Select Administration, then select Time Clock then select Job Classification.

Setting Job Classifications

Set a Job Classification for each Time Clock User. Setting job classifications allows you to run Time Clock reporting by job type or by individual user.

How to Use the Time Clock - Staff

Select Time Clock to begin a shift. Login.

Select the correct job classification for the specific shift. If only one hourly rate is set up, only one job classification will appear in the menu.

Follow the same steps to click in at the end of the shift.


The start time and end time will be visible for the shift. Users with staff permissions will not be able to edit Time Clock entries.

How to Use the Time Clock - Managers

Login with Manager permissions.

Search for the specific staff user to view, add or edit time clock entries.

Time Clock Reporting

Set the desired start and end date, select staff and job type.

***Trainer Note: All reports can be exported into multiple formats for use.

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