The Email Campaign History Report in EZFacility Classic

How to Read the Email Campaign History Report

This lesson will show how to maximize the Campaign History report



Click on Administration

Email Campaign

Campaign History

Scroll to the Email Campaign section and click on Campaign History

Campaign History

Campaign History

This page offers a look at Email Campaigns sent. However, details will only be available for those sent in the last 45 days.


1. You can Search using the From Address, Subject, or Date Sent

2. This is a list of sent Email Campaigns

Campaign History

1. If needed, scroll to the right to view more information such as:

Clients Attempted - How many clients the campaign was intended to reach

Duplicates - How many duplicate email addresses were found

Empty - How many clients without email addresses were found on file

Invalid - How many clients were found with incorrect/bad email addresses

Blacklisted - How many emails were blacklisted due to bounces and blocks

Sent - How many Clients the Campaign was successfully delivered to

2. Click View Details to go to the Campaign History Details page

Campaign History Details

Campaign History Details

When looking at Campaign Details, you may notice that one email can have multiple types per client. For example, an email to a client can be 'Delivered', then 'Opened', then 'Clicked'. Meaning a single email can show 3 different types as your client receives, reads and clicks through your message.

1. Delivered - How many emails were successfully delivered to the recipients mailbox

2. Open - How many times the email was opened and viewed by recipients

3. Click - How many times any links contained within the email were clicked

4. Bounce - How many emails bounced due to the recipients mailbox rejecting the email

5. Dropped - How many emails were dropped due to bad/incorrect email addresses and are now on the blacklist

6. Spam Report - How many emails went into recipients' SPAM folder

7. Hide/Show Chart - Hide or Show this chart on the page

Email Address Details

Email Address Details

This section allows to view each individual email address and view the events for an email.

1. These are listed under Event Type. You can also search and filter by a specific Event Type

Delivered - Message has been successfully delivered to the receiving server

Open - Recipient has opened the HTML message

Click - Recipient clicked on a link within the message

Bounce - Receiving server could not or would not accept the message

Dropped - Recipients email address has been added to the blacklist

Spam Report - Recipient marked message as SPAM

2. Hide/Show Details of the event

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