Using the Check-In Window in EZFacility Classic

This lesson will show you how to check in using the check-in window. The check-in window can be used to automatically mark your customers as attended if they checked in between 3 hours before a scheduled session and 5 hours after. Also, this displays their Membership Status (Simple or Advanced).



To open the check-in window click on the Check-In link

Client Check In

Client Check In

There are 2 ways to check a customer in using the check-in window.

1. The most common way is by entering the client’s unique membership number into the text-box at the top of the page--a client does not have to be a member for you to give them a membership number--and click on the Check-In button. You can also utilize our check-in module with various hardware devices, including a fingerprint scanner and a bar code scanner. Both devices take an input (fingerprint or a bar code) and match a membership number to that specific fingerprint or bar code then enters the number into the check-in text-box. (See How to Create a New Client, How to Sell a Membership Contract, or How to Set up a Simple Membership to assign a membership number)

The other way to check a client in is by entering the client’s name into the text-box at the top of the page. You will have to enter the client’s name. Then wait about 10 seconds for a little drop-down menu to appear. This drop-down menu will list all of the clients that it found with that name (you may have 3 John Smiths, or you can enter Bob and you have 20 clients named Bob). Click on the client’s name that you want to check in.

2. Click on the Check-In button.

Note: If your account has multiple locations with the ability to Share Clients enabled, you have the ability to check a client in through any of the location’s check-in window.




Check In Details

Check In Details

Customer’s name and Date of Birth.

Membership Type: (if customer is a member) This will show the type of membership the client has. (See How to Sell a Membership Contract)

Membership Number: This will show the client's membership number (It will show "0" if the client does not have a membership number)

(To assign a Membership # see How to Create a New Client, How to Sell a Membership Contract, or How to Set up a Simple Membership)

Membership Start: The start date of the membership (if any)

Membership Expires: Expiration date of the membership and if it will renew (if any)

Check-In Time: The time the customer has checked in.

Last Visit: The date and time of the last time the customer has checked in.

Waiver: If their waiver has not been signed it will show "Not signed"

Balance Due: The balance they have past due (due date is the current date or prior)

At the bottom you will be alerted if their credit card on file has expired.

Relationships with other customers (if any). (See How to set a Relationship Between Clients)

A list of scheduled sessions for the day (if any).

A list of current packages the customer has purchased (if any). If the customer has 1 or more scheduable packages and you have available sessions scheduled within 1 hour before and 4 hours after the time the client checked in, you will be able to click on a Select link located to the right of the package (If you do not have any available sessions to be scheduled into then the Select link will be replaced with “N/A”). You may also filter the client's packages, if the client has more than 1 package by clicking the column title.

(See How to Sell an Individual Package or How to Sell a Post-Bill Package)

Then a list of available sessions will appear below. Click on the Select button next to a scheduled session to schedule the client into that session.

Under the client's photo you will see a "Customer Details View" link. This link will re-direct your main EZFacility window to the full Client's Details page.

Note: If the customer whom is checking in does not have an active membership plan you will only see their Name, Date of Birth (if entered into their client details), Membership Type will show “Non-Member”, you will see the customers Membership Number, and the time they checked-in. You will not see a Membership Start Date and a Membership Expiration Date because they don’t have a membership.

If the customer whom is checking in has a depleted membership (they have already reached their set maximum number of visits (check-ins), the right side of their check-in window would read “Membership Visits Depleted” with an X instead of reading “Membership Active” with a check mark.

Note: After a client has checked in and is finished viewing their information, you can click on the Clear Window button which will clear out the client’s check-in info so that the next client whom goes to check in cannot see the last checked-in client’s information.

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