Manage Failed Email in in EZFacility Classic

Click on Administration then select Email Campaign

Note: Using Client Categories will help when sending an email campaign to a specific segment of clients assigned to a client category

Scroll to Email Campaign and click on Failed Emails

Manage Failed Emails

There are multiple reasons an email can fail to reach its destination. Hard bounces permanently prevent mail from being delivered. If the system receives a hard bounce, it is recorded and added to an internal blacklist to limit repeat failures.

The accompanying list contains email addresses currently on the blacklist. The reason an email has failed is displayed under the column 'Reason' where you can click the 'i' icon for more details.

Note: This page also displays the last time an email address failed under 'Last Fail Date'.

Editing Email Addresses and Unblocking

1. If you see an incorrect email address, click on the address to update it.

2. Press the save icon.

3. If you see an email address that looks correct and would like to retry it, click 'Unblock' to remove the address from the blacklist.

Note: In the event of another failure, the address will reappear on this list.

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