Zoom Integration with EZFacility Classic

This guide will discuss the requirements for EZFacility Customers to use their Zoom accounts with EZFacility. The article will also show how to set up, edit, and delete Zoom meetings in EZFacility.

How to Authenticate Your Zoom Account in EZFacility

To authenticate your Zoom Account, EZFacility users will need a Zoom account. Once you have a Zoom account, you must verify the Zoom account in EZFacility. To authenticate your Zoom account in EZFacility, log into TMS, go to Administration, select 'Zoom' on the left side menu, select 'Zoom' and select 'Authenticate.' This will take you to the Zoom website, where you want the owner of the Zoom account to enter their credentials. Once the credentials are added, select 'Sign-In,' and you will be taken back to EZFacility. Finally, select 'Save Changes.'

***Trainer Note - The owner of the location's Zoom account should be the only credentials used to authenticate the integration.

Zoom Integration Settings in TMS

Once the Zoom account has been authenticated in EZFacility, the user will see two checkboxes on the EZFacility Zoom admin page.

These two new checkboxes are 'Require Self-Service Log-in' and 'Require Session Booking.' If neither of these checkboxes is selected, then anyone who accesses self-service will be able to join and launch a Zoom meeting that is available on the self-service schedule. 

If 'Require Self-Service Log-in' is selected, then clients will need to log-in to join and launch a Zoom meeting on self-service. 

When both boxes are selected, then the client will need to be logged-in and booked into a session to launch the Zoom meeting from Self-Service. These settings are set on a location level.

***Trainer Tip: If the goal is to charge a fee for the session, both boxes need to be checked. Create a package for the session, set the Allowed Packages in the specific Reservation Type Self-Service settings, and the user will be prompted to purchase the package to book into the session.


How to Add a Zoom Meeting to a New Session - Creating a Session with Zoom

Once the TMS account is linked to an authenticated Zoom account, you will be able to create a session on the calendar.  When creating a new reservation on the schedule in TMS, there will be a new checkbox that will allow the user to create a Zoom meeting.

Below the checkbox, there will be a dropdown to allow the user to select which Zoom user the meeting will be associated with. 

If the Zoom account only has one user, the user will not be able to create two Zoom meetings in EZFacility at the same time.

Create the Session on the Schedule.

***Trainer Tip - Create specific Reservation Types to let Self-Service users know that this is a Zoom event. For example, Yoga Class - Live Streaming

Select Create Zoom Meeting and the Zoom User creating the event.

Launching a Zoom Meeting through Self-Service

Users will be able to choose a location setting to determine how the Zoom meeting link can be seen on Self-Service.

There are three options

1. Allow clients to access the Zoom meeting link if they have booked into a reservation that contains a Zoom link.

 ***Trainer Tip - Self-Service allows you to link allowed packages to a session type. Using Zoom with your EZFacility account will allow you to create a paid package to attend the event.

***Trainer Tip: The Zoom Settings should be set this way:

2. Clients will be able to access the Zoom link if they are logged into self-service. They wouldn't need to be booked into the class.

***Trainer Tip: The Zoom Settings should be set this way:

3. Allow all clients who visit their Self-Service page to have access to the Zoom meeting link (The User need not be logged in to Self-Service to view)

***Trainer Tip: The Zoom Settings should be set this way:

***Trainer Tip: If the Zoom account has only one user, the user should not create two Zoom meetings in EZFacility at the same time. For example, if there are two sessions on the EZFacility schedule, such as a HITT training class and a Personal Training at 1 pm, I would need to have at least two Zoom users created in Zoom to run the Zoom meeting for both reservations.

My Zoom Session is Set Up - Now What?

Once the session is set up, select the Start Zoom Meeting link to begin. Clients can also be notified about changes to the event.

***Trainer Tip:  A client will only be able to launch the Zoom meeting 10 minutes before the meeting begins.

How to add a Zoom Meeting to an Existing Event

Zoom meetings can be added to existing EZFacility reservations. To add a Zoom meeting to an existing reservation, select the reservation on the schedule and on the left side of the reservation modal there will be a button to add a Zoom meeting. When a Zoom meeting is added to an existing meeting, all clients who are already booked into the session will receive an email with a link to self-service where they will be able to launch the Zoom meeting.


How to Delete a Zoom Meeting from a Reservation

After the Zoom meeting has been created in EZFacility, the user will be able to remove the Zoom meeting from a reservation by selecting the reservation on the schedule and selecting the 'Delete Meeting' button. The Zoom meeting will also be deleted if the reservation is deleted.

Any clients who were booked into that reservation will receive an email to alert them that the Zoom meeting has been deleted.


Launching a Zoom Meeting - The Client's View

A client will be able to view and launch a Zoom meeting through Self-Service in 3 different ways, depending on the Zoom settings in EZFacility Administration.

1. If neither checkbox is selected then a client will be able to view and launch a Zoom meeting by going to the location's self-service page, selecting the session on the schedule, and selecting 'Launch Session'. The client will not need to be logged in to view the session.

2. If only the 'Require Self-Service' checkbox is selected, the client will first need to log into self-service. After the client logs into self-service, they will be able to view and launch a Zoom meeting by selecting the session on the schedule, and selecting 'Launch Session'.

3. If both checkboxes are selected, a client will be able to view and launch a Zoom meeting by first logging into self-service. If the client has already purchased the linked package and is booked into the session, the client will select the 'My schedule' page, select the session. The session will show a countdown to the start of the Zoom meeting.

If a client is booked into a class with a Zoom meeting, the client can view the class details from the My Sessions tab in Self Service. Clicking on the event will show the countdown to the start of the Zoom meeting. 

If the location requires that the client is booked into the session to launch the Zoom meeting, they will receive an email that contains the Zoom link.

***Trainer Tip: This Zoom link will be unique and when selected, it will send the client to the self-service log-in page. The client will need to log in to launch the Zoom meeting. When the client joins the Zoom meeting, the session will be deducted from their package. The Zoom link will also be included in all session reminders.

Zoom Integration - What if________________?

  • If the Zoom meeting link is only available to those clients who book into a reservation - once a client books into the reservation, they will receive an email that contains the Zoom link.
  • If the Zoom meeting link is added to an existing reservation: an email will be sent to the clients who have already booked into the reservation.
  • If I send Session Reminders: The Zoom meeting link will be included in the session reminder emails if the reservation contains a Zoom link.
  • If a user deletes the Zoom meeting link from the reservation or the reservation that contains a Zoom meeting link is completely deleted: all clients will get an email to alert them of the change.


Zoom Account Options

Set up Zoom account. Zoom offers the following options:

Basic: offers free unlimited meetings with a 40 minute time on meetings, and three or more total participants.

Pro Plan: This plan is probably the best option for most businesses. They can host a meeting up to 24 hours long with up to 100 attendees including the host.

Business plan: This is for big meetings of over 100 people.

Once you have your Zoom account, you can authenticate your account with EZFacility. It is recommended the Zoom Owner account is the account used to authenticate.


Support for Using Zoom with EZFacility

EZFacility accounts can access assistance by contacting our Support team:

By Phone U.S. : 1-877-358-7774

By Phone U.K +44(0) 203 32704080

By Support Ticket: Open a Ticket for Support

By Email: Support@EZFacility.com

To Request Training: Request a Training Session

How to Uninstall Zoom


In EZFacility, Select Administration then select Zoom on the left menu.  Select the Un-install Button and  Agree to Deleting all of the Zoom information from the location. 

Log into your Zoom account then select Advanced.  Select App Marketplace. Search for EZFacility in the search bar, then select Uninstall on the right side of the page.


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