How to Launch the New Point of Sale

This article will demonstrate how to launch the Point of Sale from the TMS account and how to launch the Point of Sale from the saved Point of Sale browser link.

Launching the POS from a TMS Account

Select P.O.S. Tab. Select Launch Now

The Point of Sale will immediately open in a new secure tab, allowing the user to easily use the Point of Sale and the TMS account by navigating between tabs.

EZ Facility POS - Google Chrome

How to Launch the POS from the Browser Window

The direct link to the point of sale can be bookmarked for access when not logged into TMS on the computer. The link is a secure link and can be launched by any user with  a TMS user name and password and the correct user privileges.

User access can be created from the Administration Tab. Select the User Administration section. Select User Administration to create the new user.

***Trainer Tip - the IP address restriction can be set up to prevent users from logging in outside of approved IP addresses. This restriction can be bypassed for specific TMS Users by viewing the User Administration Role Administration.

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