Setting Up Product Categories/Inventory

This lesson will show you how to set up your product categories/inventory for your point-of-sale


Click on the Administration link


Scroll down to Point-Of-Sale and click on the Product Categories/Inventory link

Product Categories/Inventory

1. Enter the name of the new category

2. (optional) Choose the Revenue Category

If your revenue category has a default tax rate applied the tax code(s) check boxes will be checked automatically

3. Select your Tax Code(s)

* You can apply multiple tax code(s) to your categories

4. Click Add Category

Note: To add subcategories to your main category click on the category in the All Categories list and click Add at the top


****If you have tax associated with different items (POS, Memberships, Packages, Rentals, etc. please set up your tax before entering your products****

Add Product

Click + Add New Product

Add New Product

Brand: Use the drop-down menu next to Brand to select the brand of your new product.

  • Brands are set up in the Point-Of-Sale section of the administration

Supplier: Use the drop-down menu next to Supplier to select the supplier of your new product

  • Suppliers are set up in the Point-Of-Sale section of the administration

Revenue Category: Click choose to select your revenue category.

  • Inherit from product category will apply (inherit) the revenue category that was assigned to the main category

Tax Code(s): allows you to select which tax code(s) apply to the product

** If your revenue category has a default tax rate applied, the tax code(s) boxes will be checked automatically

  • Tax Codes are setup in the Billing Administration section

Product Name: Enter the name of your new product, be descriptive. (Ex. Gatorade - Orange - 20 oz, this includes all aspects of the product IE brand/type/size). What you enter here will be the title on the POS button for this product

Product ID: Enter a unique ID number for your new product.

Description: Enter a brief description of your new product, this is for admin side of POS.

SKU: Enter the SKU of your new product. If you use the Barcode Reader you can put the cursor in SKU text-box and scan the product. The SKU will appear.

Unit Price: Is the price you are selling your product for before taxes and discounts.

Qty per Unit: Is the amount of items in a unit sold (ex: 24 pack of water the qty per unit is 1 bottle of water per unit price). Note: This field is for your records, it only affects the number in stock when you sell a unit.

Buying Price: Is the amount you paid to purchase the product.

Units in Stock: Is the amount of that product you have in stock and available to sell.

Discount %: Allows you to enter a discount you are giving out for that particular product in % form.

Reorder Level: Allows you to set when this product should appear in the Inventory Re-order Report based on the amount left in inventory. If you enter -1 it will never appear on the Inventory Re-order Report.

Select option to adjust the inventory:

  • Make a adjustment (+ or -): allows you to enter a + or - when entering your quantity that will add or remove from your units in stock
  • Set Inventory: will change the number of units in stock to the number entered in your quantity

Quantity: allows you to enter the quantity being add, removed or set to your units in stock

Adjustment Reason:

  • Other
  • Discrepancy
  • Bought New Stock

Date/Time of Adjustment: by default this will have the current date and time. You can change this by click on the date/time.

Comment (Optional): allows you to enter comments about your adjustment.

Click Add Product


Click the pencil icon to edit an existing product or the red X to delete.

  • To update inventory click on the pencil icon
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