How to Email P.O.S. Receipts from the Sale Complete Page

This article will demonstrate how to email a receipt from a newly completed transaction. Different scenarios include: 

  • An existing EZFacility client with an email
  • An existing EZFacility client without an email
  • Adding a new client

Existing Clients (with an email saved) - Sending a Receipt

Launch the Point-of-Sale and complete a sales or equipment rental transaction. Add an existing customer to the sale.

After the client makes a payment, You will see Receipt and Delivery Options. The receipt can be printed, emailed or both printed and emailed.


If you select Print, printing will be the only available delivery option.


To Email the receipt, select the Email option. The client's email will populate in the Delivery field.  If the client does not have an email stored in their EZF profile, you will be able to add one to complete the transaction.


Receipts can also be emailed and printed at the same time. Select both print and email options.


If the existing customer does not have an email in their saved profile, you can add one to complete the transaction.

***Trainer Note - If you add an email, it will not be saved to the customer's profile. To save the email, it must be added to their EZF profile.


Existing Clients (without an email saved) - Sending a Receipt

New Clients (No EZF Profile Saved) - Sending a Receipt

Select Add Client

Add the customer's name and email address. You will now be able to email a receipt to the customer. By default, Add Client to Transaction is checked.

***Trainer Tip - If you select Save Client, the client will be added to your TMS client database.

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