Receipt Printing Using the QZ Tray Application (For PC)

This guide will demonstrate how to install the application needed to print receipts. This article is intended for PC Computers. 

Note: If using a Mac, please search Support for the correct installation guide.


Review Your Java Settings Prior to Download

Java requirement:

Depending on your operating system and version of QZ Tray, installation of the Java development kit may be required.  QZ Tray will inform you during installation if this is needed and will navigate you to the necessary URL.

If you want to download JDK beforehand, this is the recommended version currently for QZ Tray compatibility:

QZ Tray Download

The application can be downloaded here:

Select the application to download.

Run the qz tray application (named qz-tray-2.0.xx.exe)

The installation wizard will open for QZ Tray.


Choose your destination folder and install.


Opening QZ Tray

You can open QZ Tray from your quick start or programs menu, but it should automatically be running after installation is complete.  You can verify QZ Tray is running in your system tray:

Note: In most cases for a Point of Sale computer, you’ll want to leave this running at all times.

How to Turn off QZ Tray

To turn QZ tray off, you can right click the icon to find additional options


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