How to Return Equipment Rentals in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to return rented equipment.   

Reminder: Equipment is rented in the POS, but is returned in EZFacility Classic.


Equipment Rental

All equipment is rented through the Point of Sale. All equipment rental transactions must be associated with a customer.

Note: There are 2 ways to return the equipment using either the Contacts or Equipment pages.

Returning Equipment using the Client Profile

Click on the Clients link

Choose Client

1. Search for your client

2. Click on client's First or Last name

Checked Out Items

Scroll down to the Check Out Items section of the client's personal information page

Click on Return

Returning Equipment using the Equipment Page

1. Click on the Equipment tab

2. Click on Return

The equipment will be returned to the Point-of-Sale as equipment that is now available to rent.

Note: Search for the client or equipment

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