How to Rent Equipment in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to Rent Equipment to your Clients.

Note: You must have a contact name applied to the transaction in order to rent out equipment.

Using the Point-of-Sale for Equipment Rentals

Click on P.O.S.

Select the Cash Register

If you have multiple cash registers set up, select the down arrow to view available register locations.

Select the desired Cash Register.

Click on the register name

Note: If you have multiple locations you can click on the location to display your cash register(s) for that location

Locate the Equipment & Products Tab

Select the Products & Equipment tab on the left-- then select the Equipment button on the top.

Selecting Equipment will reveal your available equipment rental inventory and a search field to search for specific equipment to rent.


Searching for an Existing Client

To locate an existing client use the Client Search field on the right of the Point of Sale Screen. Search for the client by name, then choose the correct client.

Link the Client to the Point of Sale Transaction

1. Enter the Client's Name

Type at least the first three letters of a Client's name into the 'Find' field; a drop-down box of possible matches will appear. Select the Client you wish to associate this order with.

2. Click on client's name from drop-down list

Once the client is selected, the client will be added to the sale, and can now rent equipment.

Adding Equipment to the Shopping Cart

Select the desired equipment and click to add to the cart.

The Cashier can select products by selecting from the available equipment menu. Clicking on the equipment will add a Quantity of one (1) of the selected equipment into the Shopping Cart.

If multiple quantities are needed, select the item once in the cart to increase the quantity. The price can also be modified if necessary.


Renting Equipment to New Customers

If the customer is not in your current EZFacility client list, select Add Client from the tab on the left. Then complete the transaction.

Finish Sale
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