How to Set Up Equipment in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to set up equipment for rent, and how to view and rent the available equipment from the Point-of-Sale.


Click on the Administration link



Scroll down to Equipment and click on the Equipment Administration link

Equipment Categories

1. Enter the name of the new category

2. Click Add Category

3. Click on the equipment category you want to add equipment to.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit or the red X to delete.

Note: Show Deleted Categories will show any equipment categories that have been deleted.

Add Equipment

Click on Add Equipment

Note: Show Deleted Categories will show any equipment that have been deleted.

Enter Equipment Details

Equipment Name: Enter the name of your equipment.

Equipment ID: Enter a unique ID number for your equipment.

Description: Enter a brief description of your equipment.

Rental Fee: Is the price to rent the equipment (before taxes).

Rental Days: Is the # of days a customer is allowed to rent the equipment.

Late Fee: Is the price charged if a customer returns the equipment late. This field is for your records, it does affect the main Equipment module.

Return Time: Is the time the equipment needs to be returned by.

Replace Fee: Is the price charged if a customer loses or breaks the equipment. This field is for your records, it does not affect the main Equipment module.

Tax Code(s): Select any configured taxes applicable to the rental of this product.

When you are finished entering any or all information-- click Add Equipment.

Added Equipment

Click the pencil icon to edit or the red X to delete. Use the green arrows to re-order. Once the equipment is added to your EZFacility account, it will be available to rent through the Point of Sale.

Viewing the Equipment in the Point of Sale

Available equipment can be seen in the Products and Equipment Tab on the left.  The user can seamlessly toggle between the Product and the Equipment views. Select the Equipment button at the top of the page to see the Equipment Options.

Equipment View

Once the Equipment button is selected, there is a Search Equipment field.  To return to the Product Options toggle to the Products button to the left of the search box.

Product View

Once the Products Button has been selected, there is a Search products field.  To return to the Equipment Option, toggle to the Equipment button to the right of the search box.

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