How to Add Products to the Shopping Cart and Finish Sale

This guide will demonstrate how to add products to the POS shopping cart and complete the transaction.

Select your Register

Click on the register name


Adding Products to the Shopping Cart

There are two methods for adding products to the Shopping Cart:

1. The Cashier can add products that are identified by a SKU by entering their corresponding SKU in the field labeled 'Search SKU' and hit enter; if you are using a Barcode Scanner to scan your products, you should place the mouse cursor in the 'SKU' field. The Barcode Scanner will insert the SKU from the product's barcode, and will automatically add the product to the shopping cart.

2. The Cashier can select products by selecting from the available products menu. Clicking on the product will add a Quantity of one(1) of the selected products into the Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart

Your products are now in the shopping cart.

Click the "Pay" button

Finish Sale

Select your Payment Type:

  1. Debit/Credit
  2. Cash
  3. Check
  4. Gift Card
  5. Money on Account: Use available monies from a client's account.
  6. Pay Later: Allows you to add these items to an invoice
  7. Split Tender: Allows you to enter multiple payment types

Note: Pay Later & Money on Account can only be used when a client has been added to the sale.

Hint: To leave a memo or note on this transaction please type in the NOTE box

Click ACCEPT SALE to complete your sale

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