How to View your EZLeagues Public Website

This lesson will show you how to view the public website for your EZLeagues account

EZLeagues Public Site

Click on the Public Site link

Public Site View

You can view the menu options on the public site home page by selecting the menu option in the upper right corner.  Current game schedule, leagues, classifieds and more will be available in the menu.

Public Site Address

You can use the web address of the public site to create a link from your current website to the EZLeagues public site, allowing your customers to view the page.


You can use iFrame Integration to take specific portions ot he EZLeagues public site and integrate them into your current website.

** Please see the iFrame lesson for more specific information on how to integrate your website with EZLeagues

Format Public Site

The links will allow you to manage what information is displayed on the EZLeagues public site as well as what the site itself looks like.

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