How to Register a Client into a Group (League/Tournament)

This lesson will show you how to register a client into a Group as an individual player without any team association

Select the Groups tab in the menu.

Select the desired Group then click on the name to edit or complete a client Registration.

1. Click on the Register Member tab

2. Type in the first or last name of the client you wish to register and click Find


3. Click on the New Client button to create a new contact to register

Once the Client is located, use the select button to begin the registration process.

Bill the Registration

1.Register AS: Allows you to choose from your online registration fees.| Pre-Defined: Set the registration fee if it does not auto-populate from the fee entered on the group details page.  to select from the pre-defined drop-down)

2. Click Add to Cart to proceed to the Invoice options.


3. Click on No Charge if you do not wish to bill the registrant.

*This will complete the registration.

Invoicing the Registration

1. Single Invoice: Add the registration item to an invoice by itself


2. Leave Items in Cart: Allows you to leave the registration item in the cart so that you can bill additional items for other registrations and, once you've finished, go to the shopping cart and invoice all billed items together.

Your client is now listed on the Group Details page with their associated registration information.

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