Generating a Document from a Client's Account in EZFacility Classic

This guide will discuss how to generate a digital or hard copy custom document for a client directly from their account page.

Select Clients.

Search for a client or select the client from the visible list of last accessed clients

Select Documents

Select Generate Document

***Trainer Tip - The Document tab shows the client's  Document history. You can View, Email or Delete any existing documents from this page. A Status of Pending indicates a document has been generated but hasn't been accepted by the client yet. Signed indicates the document has been accepted by the client.

1. Search for an existing template


2. Select an existing template from the list.

Please Note: By default this will display a list of the most recently used or created templates.

3. Click Next.

Select the Acceptance Type

Choose between a Paper Copy, Digital Copy, or Email Document

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