Using the Membership Referral Report in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to add referral name when selling a membership then and use the Membership Referral Report.

Selling the Contract

Select the Client Tab to search for an existing non-member client, or to add a new member.

Add the required contact details, add the client to the data base, then scroll to the bottom of the profile, to sell the New Contract.

Fill in the required fields to sell the contract and associate the sale with the referral source.  

***Trainer Note: This option is intended to track membership sales which are referred by current facility customers. It is not intended to track contracts sold by staff. The preferred reports to track staff sales are the Trainer Payroll and Commission Report or the Salesperson Commission Report. These reports can be located in the Financial Reports.

1. Select the Use Plan

2. In the Sold By field, select the staff member who completed the sale of the membership, if desired.

3. Search for the name of the current facility client who made the referral for the new member, then select the Add button. Once added, the referring member's name will be visible below the Referred by field. Complete the membership sale.

Generate the invoice and take payment to complete the transaction.

Once the membership contract is sold, select the Report Tab from the Menu and scroll down to Membership Reports.

Select the Membership Referrals Report.

Select the date range to be searched, then generate the report.

The Report will show the total revenue generated by each referrer.  To see an expanded view, including the memberships sold, select the Show Details option.

Membership Referral Report - Expanded View

The expanded view shows the details of the plans sold, in addition to the total revenue generated.

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