View the Expiring Memberships Report in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to generate a report of memberships expiring within a given date range. 

***Trainer Tip - Use Email and the Membership filter to notify members of renewals or expiration of their membership plans.

Select Reports

Expiring Memberships

Under the Membership Reports section-- select Expiring Memberships

Note: Use the Navigation Sidebar to quickly navigate to other Reports without having to return to the main Reports page.

Generate Report

Generate Report

1. Select the Start Date.

2. Select the End Date.

3. Filters

  • Membership Type:  Select the Membership Type(s) to be included.
  • Include Auto-Renewing contracts:  Checking this option will list expiring contracts that are set to auto-renew.
  • Include contracts even if a newer contract exists:  Checking this option will list expiring contracts even if the owner of the contract has another contract that is set to expire on a later date.  If this is not checked, a contract expiring during this date range will not be shown if the contract’s owner has another contract with a later expiration date. If specific Membership Type(s) are selected, only newer contracts of that type will be considered. Newer contracts owned by other clients and shared with the expiring contract’s owner will never be considered.

4. Click on Generate Report.

Generated Report

Generated Report

Note: You can export this report by selecting a format and clicking export.

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