EZLeagues Team Schedule Calendar Sync (Google Calendar)

This article will show you how to sync a team schedule to your Google Calendar

Your league must be published to your EZLeagues account to access this feature. From the Home Page of your account, select Leagues from the left column to access the League Manager.

From the League Manager, select the desired league, and select the name of the league on the left. The name will be a direct hyperlink to the public page.

In the Standings section at the top of the page, locate the Calendar Sync option on the right side, and select the corresponding link for the team calendar. The link for the team calendar will automatically be copied to your clipboard. Each team will have their own link available to be copied.

The sync URL or web address for the specific calendar is copied

Open a new browser window and go to https://www.google.com. Select the apps on the right side. Sign into your Google email account to continue to your calendar.


From the calendar page, select Other Calendars + on the left side and select Subscribe to calendar, then paste the saved EZFacility calendar link from the clipboard.

Once you have subscribed to the calendar, the scheduled games will appear on your Google calendar as events.

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