Syncing your EZFacility Calendar to your Google/Android device Calendar

This lesson will show you how to sync your calendar to your Google/Android calendar

** Please make sure you read How to Sync to External Calendar before you continue with the steps below.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

1. Log into your Google Account

2. Click on Calendar

* You can also click the link  or enter into the address bar of your web browser. If you are not logged in it will prompt you to log into your Google account.

Other Calenders

1. Click on the menu icon to the left of Other calendars

2. Click Add by URL



1. Right-Click and select paste.

Note: you can hit Ctrl+V to paste the link.


2. Click on Add Calendar

Calendar View

To sync with your Android device follow the steps below.



1. Click on the Settings icon located in the upper right hand corner.

2. Click on Sync with mobile device

Sync your Android Device

Sync your Android Device

Click on Sync your Android device

Note: When you first set up a Calendar for a Google Account, all the calendars that are displayed when you view that account's Calendar on a desktop computer are also displayed on your phone.

Choose your Calendar

Choose your Calendar

Choose which operating system you're using and click the link.

Note: If you're using 4.0.3 and above download the Google Calendar app for Android


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