Syncing your EZFacility Classic Calendar to your Outlook Calendar

This lesson will show you how to sync your calendar to your Outlook 2010 calendar.

** Please make sure you read How to Sync to External Calendar before you continue with these steps below.

If you are using Outlook 2007 follow these steps:

Open Outlook and go to Tools

Click on Account Settings.

In Account Settings choose the Internet Calendars tab, click on New… and Paste the URL you just copied from EZFacility Sync URL into the location and click Add.

You then get to the subscriptions screen. Give the calendar a name and description and click OK.

You can now see the calendar in the list in the Outlook sidebar panel.

Open Outlook Calendar

Open Outlook Calendar

1. When viewing your Outlook calendar click on Open Calendar on your toolbar (Ribbon).

2. Click on From Internet

Paste URL

Paste URL

See How to Sync to External Calendar if you have not copied the EZFacility Sync URL.

Right-Click and select paste.

Note: you can hit Ctrl+V to paste the link.

Click on Ok when you have entered the URL.

Add Calendar

Add Calendar

Click on Yes to continue.

To configure this Calendar, click Advanced.

* This will allow you to change the calendar name, enter a description, etc.

View the Calendar

View the Calendar

You can now view your EZFacility Calendar.

Note: You can deselect other calendars in the Outlook sidebar panel to view only your EZFacility calendar

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