How to Schedule an Available Session in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to create an available session on the schedule. A client can be booked immediately or the session is added to the schedule and booked by clients as needed.

Select the Schedule Tab

From the schedule view, select the date, trainer and venue where the event will be scheduled.  Then select the corresponding time and by using the time across the top of the schedule.

Select the gray cell that represents the start time on the desired resource or trainer schedule.  Click on the cell to create the event.

Select the Reservation Type

1. Reservation Type: Choose Session as your reservation type.

2. Select the Reservation Type.  The following details will auto-populate if set in the Reservation Type, but they can be modified when creating the specific event.

  • Class Size: Maximum number of people allowed in this available session (if split, this will be the total number per increment).
  • Title: Reservation title seen on the schedule page.
  • Public Title: Can be seen on the Self-Service Portal schedule. This title can be modified based on the desired title for the customer view.
  • Self-Booking: Choose self-service booking option on whether to allow clients to book themselves into this specific reservation.
  • Start Time: Availability start time.
  • End Time: End time of the last available session you wish to create.
  • Split: Increment the total reserved time (difference between start and end times) by 15, 30, 45, 60, etc. minute intervals

3. Click on the Select the recurring pattern header to add additional dates to your reservation.


4. Click on Save and Finish to go back to the schedule page immediately. If you would like to book clients at that time, select Save and Add Clients.


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  • Seriously? This is so confusing! I've paid for a month with R-oz. Am I supposed to record the classes I plan to attend here? I can't see where one would book into her evening online course.  This is ridiculous software.


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