Generating a Document with Acceptance by Email in EZFacility Classic

This guide will discuss how to generate a custom document to be emailed and accepted by the client via email.



From Administration, scroll to the Documents section and click Generate Document.

Generate Documents - Select Client

Select the Client to Generate a Document for:

1. Search for an existing Client


2. Add a New Client

3. Click Next

Generate Documents - Select Document Template

1. Search for an existing template


2. Select an existing template from the list.

Please Note: By default, this will display a list of the most recently used or created templates.

3. Click Next.

Generate Documents - Acceptance Type

Choose Email Document.

Email Document

Preview the document to be sent to the client and when finished, click Save and Email.

Select Email

If the client has multiple email addresses stored on file, select which ones the document will be emailed to by selecting the appropriate boxes and clicking Select.

Email Document - Document Results

This screen will display a summary of the document, as well as provide options to:

1. Start a new document and return back to Step 1 of the Generate Documents wizard.

2. Re-send Email of the document to the client.

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