Generating a Document with Digital Acceptance in EZFacility Classic

This guide will discuss how to generate a digital copy custom document for a client.



From Administration, scroll to the Documents section and click on Generate Document.

Generate Documents - Select Client

Select the Client to Generate a Document for:

1. Search for an existing Client


2. Add a New Client

3. Click Next

Generate Documents - Select Document Template

1. Search for an existing template


2. Select an existing template from the list.

Please Note: By default this will display a list of the most recently used or created templates.

3. Click Next

Generate Documents - Acceptance Type

Choose Digital Copy.

Digital Copy

Upon generating the Digital Copy, it will be displayed on the screen:

1. Acknowledge and Accept the Terms & Conditions.

2. Optionally, an additional Co-Signer's name can be entered into the document should it be necessary (i.e. parent/guardian for minors).

3. Click Save.

*Just as an actual client would sign a physical document, it is common practice for the client to check the box on the digital copy and accept the terms & conditions.

Digital Copy - Document Results

This screen will display a summary of the document, as well as provide options to:

1. Start a new document and return back to Step 1 of the Generate Documents wizard.

2. Email a copy of the document to the client.

3. Print a hard copy of the document.

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