How to Set Up Client Categories in EZFacility Classic

This lesson will show you how to set up client categories and assign them to your clients. (See How to Create a New Client) Client categories are used for displaying a list of contacts within your account or used as a filter for email campaign.


Click on Administration.

Client Administration

Scroll down to Client Administration and click on the Client Category link

Creating a Client Category

Creating a Client Category

1. Type in the text for your client category

2. Click on Add Category

Assigning a Client Category

Assigning a Client Category

Go to the Clients page and:

1. Search for the client you wish to edit OR

2. Create a New Client OR

3. Click on a name of a client already displayed

Choosing the Category

Choosing the Category

1. Click on the category drop-down menu and choose the desired category for this client

2. Click on Update

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