How to Share a Package (Post Sale) in EZFacility Classic

This guide will show you how to share a package with clients.  A package can be shared between clients after it is sold.


Click on Clients.

Selecting a Client

Select a Client

Search for a current client or create a New Client.


Sharing a Package Post Sale

Select the Client, then select the Package tab. Click on the Share link for the package you wish to share with the other clients.


The Package can be shared with other clients who have a pre-defined relationship in EZFacility, or you can search for non-related clients and add them as authorized users of the package. (See How to set a Relationship Between Clients).

When viewing the packages page for the client that owns the package you will see a "With _" link indicating that the package is being shared. The number displayed indicates how many people the package is shared with.

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