Canceling a Membership with a  Refund in EZFacility Classic

This guide will show you how to Cancel a Membership Contract.


Click on Clients.

Select a Client

Search for the client who's canceling and click on the name.

Editing Contract

1. Click on Membership tab.

2. Click on Edit for the Membership Contract.

Canceling Membership

Click on Cancel Contract.

Set Cancel Options and Cancel

1. Set Cancellation Date.

2. Enter any Remarks about the cancel.

**Trainer Tip: The facility can opt to make this remark section mandatory in your Membership Preferences.

3. Choose Cancel Reason.

  • Voluntary Cancel: Client is willingly canceling their contract.
  • Upgrade: Client wishes to select a membership with additional benefits or a longer duration.
  • Downgrade: Client wishes to select a membership with fewer benefits or for a shorter duration.
  • Administrative Error: Membership contract was entered in error and the client is not truly canceling their membership. This method is used to remove the cancel from your membership reporting.
  • Other Modification: Used for a cancel that does not fit in one of the above options.

4.  Click on Cancel.

** Trainer Tip: Please note that once a contract has been canceled the process cannot be reversed. You will need to sell a new membership contract if you wish for the client to become an active member again.

** Trainer Tip: If you cancel a Membership with an attached Package Plan, you will be given the option to cancel the Package Plan(s) the same date the Membership is canceled.

Canceled Membership

The status of the membership will appear as canceled along with the remarks entered.

Click Go Back when finished.

Once you've clicked Go Back you'll notice the client no longer has an active Membership. You can click on the View drop down to see Expired, Canceled, Frozen, or Suspended Memberships at anytime. From here go to Personal.

Once inside the Personal tab, on the right side you'll see "On Account" and you should see the original amount the client paid for the rental. If you are signed up with one of our recommended merchant processors such as Global Payments or CSI, it is at this point you will click Refund All. If you are signed up with a Gateway you will need to head over to your Gateway portal and process the refund from within it.


The rest of this article will only pertain to you if you're signed up with Global Payments or CSI.

Processing a refund within EZFacility

1) The amount field will auto-input the money on account for you. If you're looking to make a partial refund you can remove the amount and enter in your own. You will need to put a - to tell the software you are removing that amount.

2) Original Method will always display the Payment Method that was used for the rental booking. Make sure the Payment Method is matching the original Payment Method.

3) Once you click Issue Refund, the amount will be processed back to the client.

*** Please note that a refund for Global Payments or CSI can take anywhere from 7-10 Business Days to appear on a clients Bank Statement***

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