Membership By Status Report in EZFacility Classic

Generate a report of all membership contracts grouped by current status.


Click on the Reports Link

Memberships By Status

Click on Memberships By Status

Note: Use the Navigation Sidebar to quickly navigate to other Reports without having to return to the main Reports page.

Generate Report

Generate Report

1. Include each member who shares another's contract? Choose "Yes" or "No". Yes will include shared members. No will NOT include shared members.

2. Include expired contracts? Choose "Yes" or "No"-- Yes will include contracts that have expired, while No will NOT include contracts that have expired.

3. Select a Membership Mode.

4. Please select the Membership Type(s): Specify which Membership Type(s) should be included within the report.

5. Click on Generate Report.

Generated Report

Generated Report

* Click the Show Details link for more information.

Note: Export this report by selecting a format and clicking export.

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  • Memberships by Status - we "intend" to have all of our monthly recurring membership payments setup for auto pay for credit card on file.

    However, this report I just ran reflects the "Auto Pay" to be disabled.   I have checked the first few members on this report and they are set for auto pay.

    please review.


    Bonnie Turner

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