Creating and Editing Document Templates in EZFacility Classic

This guide will discuss how to create and edit custom Documents that can be generated for clients.

Select Administration.

Scroll to the Documents section or click on the Documents tab located on the left.



Select Document Templates.

Manage Document Templates

1. Choose between Create a new document template and Edit an existing document template.

2. Click Select Action.

Edit Document Template

If Edit an existing document template is selected, the most recently used and created templates will be available for edit or deletion.

Create/Edit Document Template

Once you've selected Create a new document template or selected the template you wish to edit:

1. Name the template.

2. Provide a brief Description.

3. Enter the body text for the document.

4. Enter the text that will be displayed next to the acceptance check-box.

5. Save, Cancel, or Preview the document.

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